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Construction workers cause gas leak on campus

Students, faculty forced to evacuate college for two hours

A gas line on campus was clipped and ruptured by construction workers digging near the Library and Resource Center at 10:30 a.m. today. Full story

Certified opportunities

Garage offers tools, real world experience

Students at Contra Costa College are not taking full advantage of programs that give certificates of completion and help with immediate job placement, student Donald Sayvong said. Full story

Anderson departs, leaves legacy behind

After years of hard work and contribution to Contra Costa College, which have led to the success of the speech department, Dr. Connie Anderson will be stepping down to retire from her position in June. Full story

‘Master of opportunity’

Endeared professor will soon retire after his banked load ends in 2016

High performance computing and computer sciences professor Thomas Murphy attributes his teaching philosophy to a prized quote by a Spanish author: “Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible.” Full story

United for change

Students assemble at state Capitol to lobby, rally for accessible education

SACRAMENTO — Students from up and down the state gathered in the Raley Field parking lot in Sacramento, beneath a blanket of gray clouds, on Monday to march on the state Capitol for the annual “March in March.” Full story

Program provides support, quality

STEM sees increase in majors, transfer rates

Engineering majors have been increasing and excelling within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program under the support structure of the 2001 presidential academic award-winning Center for Science Excellence (CSE) on campus. Full story

Course variety deficit ‘ridiculous’

Lack of elective options hinder English majors

Students interested in English electives, for a major requirement or because of general interest, have very few options at Contra Costa College. Full story

GA lift project moves forward

Installation to comply with federal standard

The addition of a pre-fabricated, modular elevator to the exterior of the 42-year-old Gym Annex Building will enter the bidding process for a contractor in May, after spending years in planning limbo. Full story

Student senator elections to begin

Positions open up within ASU board

The Associated Student Union will be giving its current senators an opportunity to take on new leadership roles in the upcoming ASU election. Full story

Old goal far from reality

Colleges statewide lack full-time faculty, funds

The statewide goal of community colleges to achieve and maintain a standard that a minimum of 75 percent of classes are taught by full-time professors is far from a reality in California, despite being initiated more than 25 years ago. Full story

Change in alert system coming

An emergency text alert system may soon be used in the Contra Costa Community College District. Full story

More stories

  • Keeping the rhythm

    Celebrating heritage

    Students, faculty and local residents gathered in the Knox Center to gain a better understanding of African-American heritage through spoken word and powerful drumming of the Yoruba and Congo cultures on Feb. 13.

  • Culinary students earn job training

    The Three Seasons Restaurant and The Switch bring an actual restaurant and cafe experience to campus, while providing one of few food options to students at Contra Costa College.

  • Logo

    Panels save funds, energy

    More than $1.3 million has been saved in avoided energy costs for the district since 2011 with the help of solar panels that harness power from the sun.

  • $450 million bond awaits vote

    “There’s no better way to help education than to fund the future of community colleges,” Associated Students Union President Ysrael Condori said about the district’s $450 million June bond measure.

  • Loss of buildings bears memories

    Throughout the years, the hub of the college in which students regularly congregated and socialized has bounced around various locations, but remained roughly in the middle of the campus.

  • Lam

    Author shares immigrant writings

    The Friends of the Contra Costa College Library and Poets & Writers, Inc., hosted an Author Talk event in the Library and Learning Resource Center Saturday.

  • MLK

    Recalling King’s Contra Costa College visit

    The March on Washington, D.C., by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and 200,000 of his supporters in 1963 is remembered as one of the most iconic moments in civil rights history.

  • Food

    Hungry for more?

    Students at Contra Costa College have a large list of restaurants available to them when lunchtime rolls around. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these options are off campus.

  • Robbery elevates concerns

    A 30-year-old adult female was strong-arm robbed for her cell phone around 5:15 p.m. at the Bus Transfer Station on Feb. 5. She reported the crime to Police Services at approximately 6 p.m.

  • Budget restores funding, classes

    Last month Gov. Jerry Brown gave his budget proposal for the 2014-15 fiscal year, in which he proposed an increase of close to $1 billion for community colleges throughout the state.

  • ELC

    ‘Hidden gem’ provides quality

    This past August marked the 10-year anniversary of the opening of the Early Learning Center, located on the west side of campus on a hill just above the Bus Transfer Station.

  • Residents may see rationing

    On Jan. 17, Gov. Jerry Brown issued a Calif. state of water emergency that urged residents to cut back water consumption by 20 percent after experiencing the state’s driest year in recorded history.

  • Love

    Hearts opened through personal perspectives

    Sharing of one’s feelings or emotional experiences to allow self-understanding is done not often enough, according to a class that does not see itself as a regular setting for students.

  • Construction

    Adapting to obstruction

    With construction taking place right in the middle of the campus, students find themselves having to adapt to the new foot paths to get around from class to class.

  • Influenza fatalities escalate

    Sneezing, sniffling and coughing — these activities greet students at Contra Costa College at the beginning of every year, to herald the dreaded influenza, or flu, season.

  • Bikepump

    Lack of rubber hose leaves bicycle repair pump airless

    Students commuting to campus on bicycles will be unable to fill their tires with the pump at the Bike Repair Station because the rubber hose was stolen over the winter break.

  • State pushing success

    Last September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1456, known as the Student Success Act of 2012, a statewide initiative that has begun to change how community colleges throughout California serve students.

  • Fabulous

    David retires, leaves behind 20-year legacy

    Clay David, who has served CCC and the surrounding community for two decades now, who is responsible for more than 80 student theatrical productions at the Knox Center and who has given his all to his students has retired.

  • Dental program extracted

    Dental assisting, a program that has been with Contra Costa College since the day it opened its doors in 1950, has been effectively closed.

  • Art

    Athletics copes with past cutbacks

    “Budget?” Athletic Director John Wade said. “We don’t have one of those. I wish we did, but you need money to have a budget.”

  • Cozy

    Small space may hinder textbook buying process

    As the fall 2013 semester comes to a close, employees of the Bookstore prepare themselves for a busy spring season in their temporary portable building located in Lot 9.

  • Davis

    Theater revived through teacher

    When drama professor Tyrone Davis wakes up in the morning there is one thing on his mind — change the world with the power of the performing arts.