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Building updates delay opening

Renovation continues to lag behind schedule

Published: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 15:02

The two-year long Music Building renovation project is finally nearing completion, and is scheduled to be finished Friday.

However having been delayed several times since its start in 2011, the project is facing issues that may postpone the building’s completion, yet again.

“It’s not ready yet,” Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King said. “Some things are behind their scheduled dates.”

While the infrastructure of the Music Building has been recently renovated, there are a few complications that need to be addressed before the building can be used for instruction.

“The current completion date we’re working toward is (Friday),” King said. “But there are some  big items holding the building back from being operational.”

One of the more pressing issues is there is no information technology (IT) connection running to the building yet, meaning the building is not connected to anything else on campus.

The IT connection is an essential asset needed for teachers to communicate with each other.

“The IT equipment is being installed, but it may take longer than anticipated,” district Capital Projects Manager Burl Toler said.

In addition to the lack of an IT connection, there is an issue with the building’s water pressure levels.

“We’re facing potential water pressure problems,” Toler said, “But we’re working very hard to correct any deficiencies.”

King said only once the building is considered safe and operational can the music department begin the moving process from its current home of the Humanities Building to the newly renovated M Building.

“The equipment still needs to be moved from the H building to the renovated M building, but moving in the middle of a semester can be hectic,” King said.

With most of the music equipment being used as of right now, it will be difficult to arrange an ideal time to move the department, without interrupting classes.

“Because the music department is currently in the middle of instruction, moving any equipment that is being used will more than likely have to wait till the end of the semester,” Toler said.

“Once the building is complete we’ll probably begin by moving any stored material the music department has in the Humanities Building,” he said.

Music students are beginning to show excitement with the deadline coming closer, knowing that they will soon have brand new facilities to work in.

New classrooms, performance halls and a brand new recording studio are all equipped with acoustics technology and are waiting to be used.

First semester music major Carmen Wheeler is looking forward to moving into the new M Building.

“It looks really nice, and knowing that it’ll open soon makes me want to stick around,” she said. “While I’ve never been able to experience the Music Building, seeing as this is my first semester, I am pretty excited to be able to use it.”

Other troubles that may possibly postpone the building’s completion include a need for the heating system to be calibrated as well as fixing some of the door locks.

“We’re nearing completion,” Toler said. “We’re real close.”

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