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Crime on campus slow, report shows

Police data implies slightly lower number of illegal acts

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 15:02

Police Services Lt. Jose Oliveira knocked three times on his wooden desk as he uttered the words, “So far this semester things have been relatively quiet” regarding crime on campus.

Despite a burglary in the Applied Arts Building, vandalism, multiple thefts and a stolen car occurring this semester, Oliveira said there has not been too much criminal activity compared to previous semesters.

“Our busiest day of the week is Wednesday, the second busiest being Monday,” he said. “But typically, spring (semester) is not as busy as the fall.”

On the morning of Jan. 28, the AA Building had been reported as being broken into.

A staff member said that two offices had been broken into resulting in items being stolen, and reported the crime. The items taken did not belong to the college, they were personal items or belonged to the district, Oliveira said.

“As far as the AA Building is concerned the investigation is still pending, so the only ones who know what happened are the police, the witnesses and the person or people who did it,” he said.

On the same day a gray 1995 Honda Accord was stolen on Campus Drive.

“Generally speaking, stolen cars show up in a day or two,” Oliveira said. “Students who own this model of car or anything similar to it should invest in a steering wheel club or alarm system.”

Administrative justice major Reginald Lambert had his phone stolen early Monday morning.

Lambert reported the crime to Police Services, but was not hopeful in hearing of any results.

“School is already enough to deal with, now I have to worry about my stuff being stolen,” Lambert said. “Simply put, campus security needs to be tightened.”

Engineering major Dustin Cruz agrees.

“As long as everyone is doing their job there shouldn’t be too many problems,” Cruz said.

While the Police Services department will continue investigations of all open cases, officers will be focusing on campus safety and cracking down on vandalism, Oliveira said.

“We’re trying to catch the vandal writing ‘All cops are bastards,’” he said.

The person responsible has done it three times.

Police Services will also be more focused on giving citations to those who drive in the wrong direction on Campus Drive, which is a one-way street for a portion of the road.

It is a frequent occurrence said Oliveira,  “Luckily there haven’t been any accidents, but we will be giving citations to those (Police Services officers) catch doing it, and the tickets are quite expensive.”

Police Services will be focusing on teaching the student body about safety measures this semester.

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