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Remote service offers easy prints

Library provides new utility to CCC

Published: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 18:03

The remote printing service is a new service now available to students with which they can send their documents  from home to print at the Contra Costa College Library and Learning Resource Center.

There are multiple choices provided for how to use this new service, such as by email, by Web, by downloading a virtual printer driver and even using an application that allows for printing from a mobile device.

The CCC website has step-by-step instructions that can further help those interested in learning.        

CCC student Katrina Luna said she is interested in the program.

"So many people at CCC don't have printers and now that they have this service it's going to make things a lot easier for students to print out their papers," she said. "I definitely see myself using this program."

One of the few restrictions of the service is that users must retrieve their sent documents within four hours of sending it to the printer of choice.

Another restriction is that it only allows black and white print that cost 12 cents per page. The last is the program cannot print documents written in Apple Pages format or with Microsoft Works.

Mark Williams, Computer Center coordinator, said that the program doesn't support Microsoft Works because it is an older program that is no longer widely used.

Regarding the remote printing service, he said, "This is just another way to print documents. It just makes it easier for students to print directly."

 A requirement of the service is an Internet connection to access the remote printing services website where users would then enter their information, according to Williams.

Each user's information identifies the print job and the user's name to retrieve the documents from the LLRC printing kiosk.

To print out the item sent, the user must log on to one of the computers in the Library, find the document and print it out at the nearby printing kiosk using a vend card that users can purchase form one of the on-site vending machines, Williams said.

English major Sarah Niccolls said she is very likely to use the service because her own printer has not been working.

She said she is glad there is such a resource available.

The remote printing service is also a great choice for students who do not have their own printer at home.

They can now look forward to writing papers at home, on their laptop or even their phone, and have the option to send their work straight from their device to the library and print it out within minutes.

The remote printing service is an alternative way to print when students have those nights where their printer decides to run out of ink right before a paper is due.

With this service they do not need to worry about how they can get their work printed out, since there is now a back-up plan ready for use whenever they need it.

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