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Student activity funds displayed

Published: Friday, December 13, 2013

Updated: Friday, December 13, 2013 17:12

The Associated Students Union has finished giving out the remainder of their Grants for Support for the fall semester.

They discussed and voted on how to allocate the funding for their grants at weekly meetings in AA-143.

On Dec. 4, they doled out the last few cents of what they had set aside for the Grant for Support program.

ASU members had a Treasurer’s Report forum on Dec. 3 in LA-100 from 4 to 6 p.m. They explained who they were to the crowd of approximately 40 students.

They went on to describe what the student activity fee is and what they have spent it on during the fall semester.

The ASU used pie charts and graphs to show how the funds were allocated.

The $5 student activity fee collected from each Contra Costa College student every semester was implemented in spring 2012 to assist the funding of on-campus events, clubs and programs that benefit students.

According to a spreadsheet provided by ASU President Ysrael Condori, the total revenue and available funds collected through the fee is approximately $126,904. Of the total revenue and available funds, $90,904 were roll-over funds from 2012-23 school year and the other $36,000 comes from the fees collected this semester.

The document details the expenses for events and other purposes. The ASU’s total expenditures to date are $57,140. Based on these figures, the amount that remains at the ASU’s disposal is approximately $64,164.

“The importance of the event is to increase communication between the ASU and the student body. We want them (the students) to understand what the fee is and what their money is being used for,” Condori said.

There was one question asked by psychology major Summer Gorrell about how the money was spent. She asked why the speech department was granted money. The ASU explained it was to provide stipends for the department’s speech tutors.

“(The ASU) needs to put more events like this on,” Gorrell said.

Business major William Felix agrees.

“This event was great,” Felix said. “I’m really interested in joining the ASU, get more into politics, and see what we as students can do to affect the local, and then state levels of politics.”

Liberal arts major James McKneely said the event was informative.

“I’ve heard a little about the ASU and the student activity fee,” McKneely said,
“It makes me feel good, that giving the ASU our (the students) money was not a waste.”

ASU secretary Kirsten Kwon said the ASU plans to put on more events like this in the future.

Condori said, “We must be mindful of whose money we are spending.” 

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