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  • Edtoon

    Variety needed

    "College is a place where a lot of young people go to discover what they want to do,” English department Chairperson Jeffrey Michels said. “The idea that demand has to precede variety is backward.

  • Edtoon

    In need of change

    Community college districts throughout the state are challenged by a goal to achieve and maintain a status where 75 percent of classes are taught by full-time faculty.

  • toon

    Activism necessary

    Even with the passage of Proposition 30, we still need to keep pushing for education.

  • Edtoon

    Voices of many

    Black History Month is a time of year with which anyone who has gone to an American school is familiar.


Think piece

  • TP

    Drought doubts

    Human element true force behind climate change

    The National Drought Mitigation Center released a report stating that at least 97 percent of California has been experiencing some sort of drought since March 26 of last year.

  • ThinkPiece

    Food comatose

    Consumption leads to lethargic body movement

    The itis” is a beloved term that describes the sleepiness one feels after a big meal. However, general knowledge around the subject only goes as far as its name.



  • Emergency preparedness still practiced by some

    Editor: I have been here for 32 years and I have seen plenty of different situations as they apply to emergency preparedness. On Oct. 20, during my morning class, we had an earthquake drill. The students were instructed to get under the tables and hold on.

Guest commentary

  • Student feels campus woes

    I have several pet peeves associated with being in a wheelchair.  The two most important school-related issues on my list involve campus parking and the elevators here at Contra Costa College.