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Construction across campus an obstacle

Published: Monday, February 17, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014 15:02


Sinoti Iosua / The Advocate

After returning from winter break, the campus has been changed due to the ongoing construction that is rebuilding the Contra Costa College campus to bring its facilities up to date and able to withstand earthquakes.

The process of rebuilding the school is making many students frustrated, however, with hopes that the end results will be worth it.

There is much to celebrate for future students, but as of now the reconstruction has made some things, like a simple trip to the Bookstore, an unnecessary obstacle.

For instance, as if parking weren’t already a pain before the construction, now the problem has taken on a whole new form.

Students have said they must wake up earlier than usual, just to get a parking spot near their class.

Even after parking, the trek from the parking lot to classes makes the whole process a morning workout.

One of the only benefits that actually comes with the construction is that students get their cardio in before class, especially when running late.

I personally try my best to get to school about 20 minutes before class just to ensure I have a close parking space and enough time to walk there. My first class is in the Liberal Arts Building. It was a short walk before, but now I have to walk around the Library past the Applied Arts Building and finally up two flights of stairs.

Another factor that makes parking such a hassle is how they shifted staff parking into student parking, pushing students even further away.

Even the most impacted place on campus is experiencing a wave of reconstruction woes, the Bookstore.

Going from a large space to a small portable room has caused both the staff and students to become weary of the new location.

Those who purchased books at the beginning of the semester know how much of a nightmare the line was.

On a daily basis there are times when the lines get too long and the Bookstore staff must close the door and let a line travel outside.

There are not enough designated areas for lunch, aside from the crammed picnic tables next to the Bookstore, for students to meet, read or study.

CCC used to be a lush, green campus, but all of that changed when the construction company cut down many of the trees on campus.

A lot of people were upset by the uprooting and felt that some of the plants could have been moved to different parts of the campus.

Student activity on campus looks as if it has decreased due to the lack of space available.

It was simple for the Associated Students Union to inform students about upcoming events happening on campus before, but now it’s more difficult as students are scattered.

Aside from student life, the campus is not appealing to future students who plan to apply next semester.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if student enrollment decreases during this time of reconstruction.

However, in the long run the campus is going to be much better than it was before.

The next generation of students should have the opportunity to learn in new facilities and we should want them to have a better experience at a community college.

“Nothing worth having comes easy” definitely applies to our current situation as students.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing the obstacles that come with reconstruction while the future students will reap the benefit. 

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