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Impotent leadership

Student board lacks motivated members

Published: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 16:12


Lorenzo Morotti / The Advocate

Student interests are suppose to be represented by the Associated Students Union here at Contra Costa College. However, an unwillingness to participate in shared governance, by both the ASU board and students on campus, has left the board impotent.

The ASU holds its meetings every Wednesday in AA-143, and there has never been more than 10 guests in attendance, and that record-high number happened late in the year.

If one did attend a meeting, however, he or she would be offended by the lack of effort and care demonstrated by the ASU board. More often than not, the majority of the board refuses to vote on any issue, choosing instead to abstain.

For example, the ASU gave $1,000 to the speech department to give stipends to their tutors, but the bulk of the ASU board disapproved. Multiple members voiced their disapproval of donating money to the speech department, but when the time came to vote, only two members voted at all. The entirety of the opposition refused to vote.

This was simply par for the course for the ASU.

ASU President Ysrael Condori has had to pick up the slack for his board throughout the semester.

The ASU has had some successes. Lobbying from the ASU saw the campus erect the white tent outside of the temporary Bookstore, to protect students from the rain and cold. The ASU’s grant for support program has been a success and the ASU has allocated thousands of dollars to different groups on campus.

Yet the college still lacks an adequate Transfer/Career Center. Students still stand in huge queues to see a counselor. Financial aid’s timeliness is still miserable. Even finding a parking place on campus is a trial.

Students are being hindered every day at CCC by a lack of services that other colleges offer. The ASU’s job is to represent students, to demand that the college be improved not just for themselves, but for everyone on campus.

ASU members get paid stipends for their work. Some even receive up to $250 per semester. They should be the loudest voice on campus advocating for students. Yet they are far from that. And students do not seem to care at all.

Students should be attending ASU meetings in droves. Not only are they working with money students have provided, the ASU is being paid from the pockets of students.

Students are being actively hurt by the ASU’s lack of consideration they give their jobs. Their motto is “Students for Students” and that is exactly what CCC is receiving.

The current ASU board is miles away from the board CCC students need, but it is exactly the board they deserve.

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