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Options limited

Food choices available on campus lack variety

Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 15:02


Lorenzo Morotti / the advocate

There is an old saying that goes, “An army marches on its stomach,” meaning food is necessary to keep an army moving.

Students are no different.

In order to keep students more attentive in class, so that they may better absorb information, food must be available to them on campus.

The more nutritious a menu selection the better, seeing as some of the students attending Contra Costa College are minors.

Here at CCC, there are very few options offered to feed hungry students who might just search for a bite to eat between classes.

And even fewer of those options could be considered “nutritious.”

Other than the Three Seasons Restaurant, the Bookstore and the Subway, located in the Student Activities Building, students have no other choice but to leave campus to find something to eat.

Despite the weight-loss reputation of Subway, a diet of foot-long sandwiches is not the pinnacle of brain food.

The Three Seasons is a great meal choice seeing as students make the food and it benefits the college and the culinary arts department. But the restaurant is only open a few hours out of the day three days a week, forcing students to look for food in other places.

And on top of that, anyone who has ever tried it knows it is hard to eat penne-alfredo pasta three times a week for five months straight.

While some consider the Bookstore an option to buy a meal, it can barely apply to that thought.

The Bookstore is more of an option to buy  quick snacks, and not the healthiest ones at that.

Sister college Diablo Valley in Pleasant Hill offers seven food options, most of which offer students cooked food that is healthier than the packaged and preserved alternatives.

The key word is variety. Variety when it comes down to it, is a luxury. Luxuries such as multiple food options can only be achieved when a college can financially afford to worry about food options.

This college has enough to worry about. And keeping students’ stomachs full and body’s healthy should be one of those things.

Finding a way to keep Three Seasons Restaurant open more hours out of the day would help alleviate the problem.

And possibly leasing out space to outside food sources to come onto campus is a good idea as well, rather than making students travel off campus during their valuable school time to eat.

Not much money needs to be spent to help fill students’ empty stomachs in a healthy manner, just some good ol’ fashioned Comet ingenuity.

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