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True message of Halloween lost

Published: Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 14:11

Underwear, cat ears and false eyelashes do not complete a Halloween costume.

In fact, there is something missing. Other than clothing, the spirit of Halloween isn’t present in these so-called costumes. It is merely an annual excuse to dress, dare I say it – slutty.

At a Halloween party, you knock on the door. The door opens and then you feel completely out of place because you actually look scary. No, this isn’t the scene from the movie “Mean Girls,” when Lindsay Lohan’s character walks into the room dressed as the bride of Frankenstein. Inside, there is a flood of women dressed in underwear and miniskirts claiming they are cats just because they have on cat ears.

I chose to be a bloody, disgusting zombie that year. Armed with liquid latex, toilet paper, some special effects makeup and a few application tricks, people could have thought I was from the television show “The Walking Dead.” I wore casual clothing that I ripped up and splattered with fake blood.

I’ve experienced the eye-rolling and disgust from the women who chose to be sexy on Halloween. I was cast out and weeded from the crowd because apparently I didn’t get the message. I didn’t realize my costume had to be lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

When the women at this party finally realized who I was, they said their hellos and went about their evening. Women who I could usually speak with and who I thought were my friends would barely go near me to give me a hug. Instead, I received pats on the back.

I thought, “Did I miss something?” It was Halloween and zombies seemed fitting.

Sure, I have worn my share of sexy costumes like pinup-girl attire, which I threw together at the last minute. But no, I did not run around in my underwear.

I’m not saying that all women should avoid feeling sexy on the only day it seems to be acceptable to wear the least amount of clothing.

There is, however, a line one has to draw.

There is a difference between looking sexy and looking like a star from a pornographic film.

I have seen a sexy Spongebob Squarepants, a sexy lady bug and a sexy nun.

I have even witnessed a sexy Kermit the Frog, which consisted of a tight-fitting spandex top with Kermit’s face attached to an incredibly short tutu skirt.

How companies manage to turn innocent characters into miniskirts and bras is beyond my comprehension.

When did Cinderella’s skirt get so short and when did Snow White show so much cleavage?
Maybe some women feel it’s clever or original.

However, when put in a sea of other women with the same revealing costumes, they disappear into the huge blob of people showing too much skin.

And most disturbing, they are mostly teenagers.

Girls in high school, who are well under the age of 18, take it upon themselves to dress this way even if it is just for one night. And topping it off with the consumption of alcohol, there is a disaster waiting to happen.

Hopefully, I am not the only person who thinks freezing in the cold weather, drunk in your underwear is the opposite of sexy.

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