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‘In the Blood’ thrills audience

The drama department’s production of “In the Blood” was presented at the Knox Center on March 12. Full story

Galileo, Makey Makey exhibited

Students attend game conference, present projects

SAN FRANCISCO — For those devoted to any and every type of video game, one event serves as a Mecca for aspiring and current industry professionals. Full story

Pharrell still able to entertain

‘G I R L’ presents latest style, lyrics

Pharrell Williams’ sophomore solo album, “G I R L,” creates an upbeat atmosphere that lifts the mood of its listeners. Full story

'Pulp Fiction'

After 20 years, film continues to amaze with masterfully crafted dialogue, intricate storyline and b

Not many movies can make someone worry about a drug dealer’s wife as she snorts a fat line of heroin. Full story

Richmond resident promotes safety

Rich City Rides provides bicycle repair, education on safer riding, participation in city laws that

RICHMOND — Tucked away in the northwestern corner of Bridges Art Space is the Richmond City Rides temporary bicycle repair shop. Full story

Cheap sushi dishes offered close to college

After a month of renovation, Gyoza Express finally opened once again to serve a mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Full story

Amish Mafia worst show on television

From the first time I watched the show, I never thought that “Amish Mafia” would run on television longer than a season or two. Full story

Gamers ‘stand by for Titanfall’

Giant robot game delivers hours of fun, lacks storyline

Even with its flimsy campaign, Titanfall offers a gaming experience like no other with countless hours of replay ability. Full story

Jazz group crafts album

Release of music provides students experience, merit

As part of its curriculum, the music department’s jazz ensembles, Jazzanova and Jazz-Ology, are currently working on their third album, which will be released next spring. Full story

A fighter for equality

South Africa’s first black president who fought for peace, forgave his enemies, inspired change

There are few figures of the 20th century who stood as tall as Nelson Mandela. Full story

More stories

  • Gallery

    Gallery provides eclectic art

    Materials used represent staff, faculty vision

    The Faculty and Volunteer Staff Show, an exhibition of artwork created by either part-time art professors or unpaid volunteer staff members, was on display from the first day of the semester up until last Friday

  • 300

    Movie lacks story, depth

    Noam Murro’s “300: Rise of an Empire” features Themistokles as a disappointing Greek general leading an army of men against invading Persian forces.  

  • Lego

    ‘Lego Movie’ provides laughs, drama

    Film influences imagination in children, adults

    It has been more than 80 years in the making but LEGO finally has the movie for which the brand has been yearning.

  • Akira


    After 25 years animated film continues to astound, inspire, remains relevant to today’s society

    Twenty-five years ago, “Akira” proved that animated films could rival top budget movies by blending a rich story with astonishing artwork that has influenced countless people since its release.

  • Celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa

    Classic values customs become local traditions

    Winter is an odd time of year. Every winter sees temperatures dropping and people being driven into their homes. The world becomes a much more gloomy place. Except, this is also the time of year everyone’s minds turn to celebration.

  • Charities spread good will

    Acts of selflessness invoke holiday spirit

    This time of year is often described as the season of giving. During the holidays, charity becomes one of the most prominent things on peoples’ minds, as well as in the media.

  • Twilight

    ‘Twilight’ thrills

    The drama department’s production of “Twilight: Los Angeles 1992” hit the Knox Center Saturday night.

  • ‘Soban’ leaves stomach unsatisfied

    As I took the Pinole Valley Road exit from I-80 in search of something to eat, I was in the mood for a cheeseburger but decided to try something new.

  • Eminem

    Eminem’s latest album excites

    New songs, content from influential rap icon satisfies listeners

    Guess who’s back again. Shady’s back, so tell a friend.

  • Moonshiners

    ‘Moonshiners’ brews up a classic

    Discovery channel original fascinates

    Who would have thought making moonshine could be so educational yet so comedic for something that people have been doing for more than a century? 

  • Pear

    Bistro serves up California dishes with new twists

    Historic Pinole houses delicious fusion restaurant

    Driving through the historic streets of downtown Pinole, one can find a great restaurant serving delicious American fusion.

  • A dystopian wasteland

    Sci-fi movie suffers from unoriginal plotline

    "Oblivion' falls flat with viewers

    Based off his unpublished graphic novel, director Joseph Kosinski also had a hand in writing in the script for “Oblivion.”

  • Holy harmony

    Gospel night ignites spirits

    Harmonies fill the Knox Center

    The voices of the Contra Costa College Gospel Choir captivated the hearts and spirits of the audience during Gospel Night on Saturday in the Knox Center.

  • Experimental venture

    Ambitious sounds fail to captivate

    Lengthy songs result in lackluster interest

    Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience,” though one of his most creative and ambitious albums, fails to provide a certain flow and ease of listening throughout the album.

  • An unfriendly setting

    New adaptation terrifies viewers

    Alvarez pays homage to director Sam Rami

    “Evil Dead” is the movie version that director Sam Rami would have made instead of his original, if he were given this adaptation’s budget and the creative freedom to stir up gory hell.