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‘Dead Space’ continues to entertain

Newest addition to franchise able to keep interest

Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 15:02

High powered graphics

Special to / The Advocate

Issac Clarke battles Necromorphs aboard abandoned space vessels in the newest installment of the “Dead Space” series. The game was released Feb. 13.

There are many clichés in the video game industry nowadays.

One of them is producing a trilogy for a successful video game series and destroying a franchise in the process.

Visceral Games, a sub developer of Electronic Arts, released “Dead Space 3” on Feb. 13, thus making the “Dead Space” series a trilogy.

Skepticism about the quality of the game followed until its release date.

Yet, within an hour of playing the freshly unwrapped game, it was clear that Visceral Games hit that proverbial ball out of that proverbial park.

The game play pushes the protagonist Issac Clarke into a terrifying universe with addictive game play and stunning visuals.

The story, however, leaves much to be desired. Surprisingly, it is fine in this case though.

Fighting for your life against bloodthirsty monsters who will rip you apart at any given chance, you realize something. The story as to why these monsters even exist doesn’t matter.

If it’s fun just to kill them, why question it?
What keeps the player busy compared to the plot line is the crafting system.

The crafting system is the interface through which Clarke creates weapons for defending himself throughout the game. These weapons can be upgraded frequently to a point that some would call ridiculous. Especially if you think rocket-launching rifles that shoot circular saw blades are ridiculous. Trust in Isaac Clarke when you find yourself alone in space with killer monsters — a rocket-launching chainsaw gun would be the most helpful weapon ever.

The physics or feel of the game hasn’t changed from its predecessor “Dead Space 2.”

Certain missions require Clarke to float through space and retrieve items in zero gravity. While disorienting at times, it gives players a chance to break out of the normal range of movement those other games present.

It’s not possible to fly through space in “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” so instead buy “Dead Space 3.”

The multiplayer aspect doubles the fun.

With an Internet connection and $60, it is possible to play “Dead Space 3”  through Xbox Live with others. The game is on other platforms as well, including PlayStation 3 and PC.

Multiplayer allows the player to fly through space and save the universe with a best friend or family member. Why isn’t every game like this?
The hard thing with making a good trilogy is simple to see.

By the time video game developers come out with a sequel to a million dollar video game title, they realize even more money can be made off of another installment in the series.

Such motivation to make another video game sends developers down a dark path, continuing a franchise merely for money, not for passion or substance. But that is not one of the worries with “Dead Space 3.” With an extreme amount of replay value in “Dead Space 3,” players will get their money’s worth.


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