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Delicious pizza shatters expectations, impresses

Published: Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 15:11

Italian delight

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Zachary’s offers many selections of pizza toppings and style, from deep dish to thin crust.

Of all the places to get a slice of pizza in the East Bay, Zachary’s is by far one of the best.

Other pizza places spend tons of money advertising mediocre pizza as the greatest thing since the invention of the food itself. Zachary’s, on the other hand, serves amazing pizza without bludgeoning people with false promises and costing them money.

With three locations in the East Bay, Zachary’s isn’t hard to find. In Berkeley its restaurant provides a pleasant ambiance, if it’s not crowded, with posters decorating the walls and a clear view of the kitchen where all the magic happens.

One pizza in particular, the Mediterranean, is a prime example of Zachary’s excellence.

Red bell peppers, green olives, artichoke hearts, feta and jack cheese are the toppings included on the Mediterranean and the combination of those ingredients are unbelievably delicious. The freshness of the ingredients, coupled with their unique flavors, make for an amazing dining experience when adding a cold soda or beer.

Zachary’s also offers a wide variety of options in terms of building a customized pizza if nothing on the menu looks appetizing to the customer.

There are two different options for how the crust can be prepared. The “Chicago style” stuffed pizza crust is a massive creation, with the chosen ingredients stuffed in between the two thin layers of crust and house tomato sauce spread on top.

The “thin crust” pizza is a more familiar style with a single layer of dough and the ingredients resting on top. There are also options for vegan, gluten free and half baked pizzas for those who are vegetarians, unable to process gluten or unwilling to wait for Zachary’s culinary goodness.

If none of the above serves as a testament to how amazing Zachary’s pizza is, its plethora of awards should be confirmation enough. Zachary’s has received glowing reviews from restaurant review site over the past five years. The review from Zagat calls Zachary’s “Chicago style” pizza in particular “a cheesy other pizzas inferiority complexes.”

If that does not make you want to eat at Zachary’s then Little Caesar’s might be more your speed.

If you are a fan of good food and a comfortable atmosphere, or all of the above, then there is no reason to skip out on eating at Zachary’s.

The ingredients are amazingly fresh, the pizzas are compared to illegal narcotics by zagat’s and the prices for single slices or whole pizzas are around the same as places like Domino’s or Round Table.

The aspect setting Zachary’s apart from chain pizza places, however, is the variety and freshness of ingredients and the various options at the customer’s disposal to make his or her pizza exactly to his or her liking.

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