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Plot fails to convey movie’s message

Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 15:02

“Snitch” fails to deliver a decent story as the message is muddled by a storyline that is not put together well.

Released Feb. 22, the crime drama is about a father who will do anything for his son.

The film begins with John Matthews (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) being notified that his estranged son Jason is incarcerated after opening a package filled with narcotics. He is being charged with the distribution of illegal drugs.

The crime drama film is directed by Ric Roman Waugh and is written by Waugh and screenwriter Justin Haythe.

The duo was inspired by a “Frontline” documentary that details the changes to the United States federal drug policy, where the consequences of dealing drugs are so severe that the policy encourages those incarcerated to snitch on their accomplices.

Johnson plays a business owner of a small construction company who decides to take it upon himself to get his son out of jail. He makes it a mission to take down any drug dealers to make sure his son gets out of jail as quickly as possible. He decides to use one of his workers, Daniel James (Jon Bernthal), as a connection into the dangerous world of drug distribution. While Johnson can be applauded for putting a great deal of energy into his performance, there are parts where it is clear that his acting is not enough to carry the weight of the film.

The pace of the film would seem slow to some viewers thinking this movie would be another action film with The Rock in it. Many of the other characters simply do not add enough to the girth of the movie, making Johnson the only one who cares about the safety of his son by substituting his own.

The theme of the movie is abstract at best because of the other characters’ roles. They do not put as much effort as the lead does to get his son out of prison for a better life.

Both Bernthal’s character and the lead cartel also have sons, yet, the theme is not carried out fluidly enough for some viewers to catch this until the end of the movie or even at all.

“Snitch” is not the film people were expecting to see, if they based their expectations on the trailers played on television.

It does not even go far or hard enough to keep people captivated with the plot, making this film mediocre at best for even the biggest fans of Johnson.

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