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Linoleum tiles create change of atmosphere

Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Friday, February 14, 2014 15:02


Janae Harris / The Advocate

The rugged and aged carpet in the Gym Annex was been replaced with linoleum tile over the winter break giving a new look to the previously dark interior.

The rugged carpet on the first floor of the Gym Annex Building has been replaced with linoleum tile, giving the building a whole new look. The floor was replaced during winter break, and it took four days to install.

“It brightens it up. It’s a brighter surface,” Athletic Director John Wade said about the new floor. “It seems to brighten the whole building.”

The linoleum floor in the GA Building cost $9,529 to the maintenance budget.

Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King choose between three contractors and he went with BT Mancini Company because it was the cheapest out of the three contractors.

The GA Building gets a lot of students who walk back and forth through it daily, and that can rapidly wear out the carpet. It also does not help that there are three vending machines on the first floor that can damage the carpet.

The tiles are easier to clean when there is a spill on the floor, unlike carpet where it just stains.

“Two things — in a heavy traffic hallway carpet wears out fast, and plus we have three vending machines,” King said, “It helps the cleaning process if someone spills they will be able to wipe it up, and the custodian will be happy about the floor.”

The linoleum floor is durable and is easy to replace. Whenever carpet gets damaged the whole floor has to be replaced, but with linoleum the damaged tile can be replaced.

“Depending on the usage of the floor it should last about 15 years before it needs to be replaced, but only if its not mistreated.” King said.

Contra Costa College football coach Alonzo Carter gave high praise to the new floor and he thinks it’s good for recruiting athletes to CCC.

The floor can make an impact on how it presents itself to new recruits, and a good impression can always affect a decision. Carter said all of the construction on campus is good for the college.

He said when recruiting players, appearance is one of the deciding factors for many student-athletes.

“It gives a new feel to the building, and it helps with recruiting,” he said about the new floor. “When we come into the (GA) building it’s like a new place – it brightens up the whole hallway, and it makes you feel good about working out and what you are doing.”

Wade was skeptical about the new floor at first. However, when the floor was installed that all changed. The floor worked out for everyone in the long run. Wade said he has always been a carpet guy, and still is.

“I didn’t see why we needed to change the carpet, but it turned out nicer than I thought or hoped,” Wade said.

The GA Building is not the only building that has a new linoleum floor on campus. The Health Science and the Applied Arts Buildings have the same floor.

“We did the same thing with the Health Science Building and some spots in the Applied Arts Building.” King said of the linoleum upgrade. 

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