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Honoring her history

Month offers opportunity to praise past, present important women

March is a celebration of the contributions women have made throughout history, and in modern day. Full story

A tribute to Morris 'Morrie' Turner

Remembering a personal 'role model'

Morrie passed away peacefully on Jan. 25 due to renal failure complications.  Full story

Month expresses efforts of many

In history classrooms across the nation, students are sitting down this month to learn about the contributions African-Americans have made to United States history. Full story

Charter school makes waves

RICHMOND — “Since my brother came here, he’s improved in school,” seventh grader Miguel Hernandez said, “He would get C’s mostly and now that he’s here, he has choices on where he wants to go to for college.” Full story

Quake rattles memories

Recollecting details of temblor after 24 years reveals deficiencies in disaster preparedness

It had not lasted long, somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds, but by the time the world had stopped shaking that Tuesday evening, the Bay Area had changed.   Full story

Equality embodied within administration

Students in search of empowered role models and symbols of equality in the United States today need not look further than the Contra Costa Community College District. Full story

College lacks adequate preparedness supply

Emergency plans need more attention

A mere 15 seconds in 1989 was enough to shake the confidence of the entire San Francisco Bay Area.   Full story

Emergency cabinets lack adequate supply

Disaster lockers missing needed materials, food

As history shows, the disaster supply cabinets on campus, meant to ensure campus occupants access to first aid materials, food and water for three days in case of a major disaster, have not been regularly maintained. Full story

Bay Area sits atop dangerous faults

Strain mounting on Hayward line

The Bay Area is at risk of experiencing a 6.7 or greater earthquake within the next 26 years according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Full story

More stories

  • Teaching passion

    Wilke promotes musicianship

    Past student now teaches his passion

    After discovering ska music, a type of music with a fast tempo including elements of jazz and R&B, Andrew Wilke started his first band Skanonymous in his freshman year at Pinole Valley High School.

  • Doubt arises around adequate safety for students with disabilities

    Procedures for evacuation of people with disabilities cloudy

    For students with a disability at Contra Costa College, a level of doubt arises in concern for their safety on campus in the event of a major earthquake.

  • Campus left unscathed in quake

    Epicenter of tumult far from campus

    In the days following the Oct. 17, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the staff of Contra Costa College determined that the campus was virtually unscathed in the tumult and its buildings had incurred no structural damages.

  • Art Building rests on shifting foundation

    Foundation needs repair

    While other campus buildings that are 40-60 years old are receiving seismic retrofits, the 42-year-old Art Building will not receive a retrofit, as it awaits its eventual fate: being demolished or converted into storage.

  • Bay Area sits atop dangerous faults

    Strain mounting on Hayward line

    The Bay Area is at risk of experiencing a 6.7 or greater earthquake within the next 26 years according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

  • Dwindling Opportunity

    The state’s financial turmoil over the past five years has fundamentally changed California’s community colleges.

  • State, colleges rewriting mission

    California’s mission statement as part of the Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 made bold oaths to its students. Promises have been broken after the state has faced massive budget cuts.

  • graph-1

    Budget limits open sections

    Sections available have decreased at the college by nearly 25 percent over the last 10 years and funding has decreased more than 15 percent.

  • New cellular phone shines, overshadows competition

    Apple’s iPhone 5 leads cellular world

    The iPhone 5 has solidified itself as the best hip-companion ever. Apologies to current and past girlfriends, but this girl’s brains, sexy curves and fresh complexion stole my heart on Sept. 21.