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Construction workers cause gas leak on campus

Students, faculty forced to evacuate college for two hours

A gas line on campus was clipped and ruptured by construction workers digging near the Library and Resource Center at 10:30 a.m. today. Full story

Certified opportunities

Garage offers tools, real world experience

Students at Contra Costa College are not taking full advantage of programs that give certificates of completion and help with immediate job placement, student Donald Sayvong said. Full story

Anderson departs, leaves legacy behind

After years of hard work and contribution to Contra Costa College, which have led to the success of the speech department, Dr. Connie Anderson will be stepping down to retire from her position in June. Full story

‘Master of opportunity’

Endeared professor will soon retire after his banked load ends in 2016

High performance computing and computer sciences professor Thomas Murphy attributes his teaching philosophy to a prized quote by a Spanish author: “Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible.” Full story

United for change

Students assemble at state Capitol to lobby, rally for accessible education

SACRAMENTO — Students from up and down the state gathered in the Raley Field parking lot in Sacramento, beneath a blanket of gray clouds, on Monday to march on the state Capitol for the annual “March in March.” Full story

Program provides support, quality

STEM sees increase in majors, transfer rates

Engineering majors have been increasing and excelling within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program under the support structure of the 2001 presidential academic award-winning Center for Science Excellence (CSE) on campus. Full story

Course variety deficit ‘ridiculous’

Lack of elective options hinder English majors

Students interested in English electives, for a major requirement or because of general interest, have very few options at Contra Costa College. Full story

GA lift project moves forward

Installation to comply with federal standard

The addition of a pre-fabricated, modular elevator to the exterior of the 42-year-old Gym Annex Building will enter the bidding process for a contractor in May, after spending years in planning limbo. Full story

Student senator elections to begin

Positions open up within ASU board

The Associated Student Union will be giving its current senators an opportunity to take on new leadership roles in the upcoming ASU election. Full story

Old goal far from reality

Colleges statewide lack full-time faculty, funds

The statewide goal of community colleges to achieve and maintain a standard that a minimum of 75 percent of classes are taught by full-time professors is far from a reality in California, despite being initiated more than 25 years ago. Full story

Change in alert system coming

An emergency text alert system may soon be used in the Contra Costa Community College District. Full story

  • Dr. Frankenstein

    3-D Printing: Art made real

    The shapes and sizes of the art on display in the Eddie Rhodes Gallery are as intriguing and diverse as the possibilities of the ever-progressing media used by the featured artists: 3-D printing and computer numerical control carving.

  • Baseball

    Storm neuters Comet lead

    A two-run homer by Storm outfielder Randy Keen in the fourth inning lifted Napa Valley College to a 10-4 win over Contra Costa College on the Baseball Field Thursday.

  • Game

    Galileo, Makey Makey exhibited

    SAN FRANCISCO — For those devoted to any and every type of video game, one event serves as a Mecca for aspiring and current industry professionals.

  • Mug

    Venezuelan people need help, action

    Students in Venezuela have been protesting against violence in their country since Feb. 12 and, as a result, at least 10 people have died, and approximately 137 have been injured.

  • Mug

    Long road to joy begins within

    In the fall of 2010 I decided to quit my job as a manager of a department store and head back into the world of education as a student.

  • Photo

    A story of perseverance

    The origin of this remarkable series of events was published in The Advocate on Feb. 25, 2009.

  • Edtoon

    Variety needed

    "College is a place where a lot of young people go to discover what they want to do,” English department Chairperson Jeffrey Michels said. “The idea that demand has to precede variety is backward.

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